Selection Policy

Training and Selection Policy Season 2022/23

This training and selection policy is directed at all senior players of the Kumeu Cricket Club. It is your responsibility to read these requirements. Your co-operation will help to ensure that training and selection run as smoothly as possible for everyone.

The role of the Premier Coach (to be confirmed) will be to take overall control of senior training sessions and provide skills coaching to senior players. He will call upon senior players to provide specialist coaching and will also be assisted by the Captains. The senior players group will take training in the absence of the Premier Coach.

Players must:
Sign in your attendance at training with the Club manager
Advise the Premier Coach or your Captain when leaving training.
Bat and bowl at training in the same manner as in a game.
Notify your team manager or club manager if unable to attend training.
Train on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.00pm to 8.00pm, weather permitting and other scheduled training sessions unless otherwise arranged with the Premier Coach or Captain.

The appointed members of the Selection Committee for 2022/23 are:

To be confirmed

Each member of the Selection Committee will be entitled to one vote with Chairman of selectors having the casting vote.

Team Captains are required to attend selection meeting so to provide input prior to selection of teams. They will also provide player statistical and availability information. The Captains do not have voting powers.

The Captains if not available to attend a selection meeting may be represented by their Team Manager.

The role of the Selection Committee will be to select the best teams possible, taking into consideration team balance and requirements for that particular game. Priority will be given to the first XI, the club’s Premier team.

The Club’s emphasis will be on youth as they are the future of this club. It is time for the younger players to step forward and take up the challenge! We will be ensuring that youth players are adequately mentored and supported in whatever team they are in.

Preference will be given, where possible, to players who train over those who do not. Remember practice makes perfect (or at least better cricketers and they play in the higher grades!)

Players unavailable for only one week of a two-week game will not be considered for selection if there are sufficient players available for selection.

The decision of the Selection Committee is final! Our responsibility is to the club first. These rules apply to all players – there will be NO exceptions!

Players must:
Be financial by 1 November (unless payment arrangement organised with the Club Manager) to be eligible for selection ,No pay No Play policy will operate .
Notify Team Manager of availability for each game, otherwise he will be considered unavailable.
If playing in current game, and not available for next game, notify their Team Manager.
If not playing the current game, or subsequently become unavailable, notify Team Manager of their future availability.
Play where they have been selected.

Selection will commence at 7pm to select the teams on the Wednesday before the first day of the game and with team announcement around 7:30pm by the Chair of Selectors.

Team Lists will be posted on the club’s Facebook and Team Reach pages. Each Team Manager will also receive an electronic copy of their Team List so that they can contact people by text if necessary.


If a player is selected in a team and fails to turn up to the game on either day without prior contact with the Manager, and without exceptional reason, that player’s future at the club will be discussed by the selection committee. Subsequent recommendation will be given to the Club Committee of their decision.

Players may discuss selection or concerns with the Chairman of Sectors and on-field queries with their Captain.

Team Manager’s must to ensure that player availability or non-availability is noted on the Club rooms white board as soon as possible.

If these requirements are adhered to, Season 2022/23 will be enjoyable and successful for all.

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