Junior Coaches, Managers, Umpires and scorers


Kumeu Cricket club is always on the lookout for additional support where possible.  Parent and guardian support is a pivotal and vital requirement to help with the success of the club with our main focus on our players and them having fun. 

If you would like to volunteer to either acoach, manager, umpire or score please contact the club.  Some roles can be covered by the same person. However it would be fair if all parents shared the responsibilities. 


Coaches are, in so many ways, the sport.  Being a coach comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially creating a safe environment for our players.  The role also comes with a lot of pride and joy when you see the results of your dedication and hard work that inspires the hearts and minds of our players when they play.  Coaches are the people our players listen to, learn from, respect and look up to.  Without coaches our players and the game would not be the same. 

The coaches role would be to assist with skills sessions, pre-game coaching and support through out the games for all grades of cricket that we offer from Superstars to U17.

For our Superstars and Kiwi Grade you would be assisting our club coaches to run specific skills for a station.  From time to time you may be required to run a station yourself while our coaches assist with other stations. 

Kiwi Grade when the games commence you would continue to coach and support the players with little reminders of what they learnt in the skills sessions eg how to hold the bat or ball, where to stand, throwing the ball back to the stumps. 

For our U10 – U17 we are looking for coaches to volunteer from within the team. 


For Kiwi Grade the umpires role will be to ensure that players are having fun.  All players have the opportunity to bat, bowl and field including wicketkeeping in each game. And to also keep score. The umpire in this format can also be the coach.

For our U10 to U17 teams we are looking for an umpire to volunteer from within each team.  As per the playing conditions the coach is unable to umpire.  There are special circumstances that may be allow the coach to umpire but we would prefer the coach does not umpire.


For our U10 to U17 being the manager is vital role within the team.  The managers main roles are to ensure that teams know where their games are to be played, times they are starting and who is available to play.  Creating rosters for teams with additional players. 


For our Kiwi Grade scoring is done manually and a scoresheet will be provided with playing conditions. 

For U10 to U17 scoring is done on the scoring app CricHQ.  The scorer would be required to set up an account on CricHQ and the manager would let the club know who their scorer is so the club can assign the teams games to that account.  The scorer will be send a confirmation email which must be accepted in order for the scoring function to work properly.  Please use the following to register your CricHQ account https://www.crichq.com



It is a requirement from New Zealand Cricket that all coaches including volunteer coaches must register on the NZ cricket registry under the club they are coaching for.  It is also recommended that coaches complete the online and practical coaching courses relevant to their level of coaching.  Each coaching course contains online and practical modules.  There is no cost involved.  The qualification is valid for 3 years. Once you have registered the relevant courses you are required to complete will be available.  You will be required to re-register each season you coach even if your course is still valid. 

Superstars – Superstar cricket academy.  The online portion is approximately 45 mintes, the practical is 60 minutes

Kiwi Grade – Foundation course.  The online portion is approximately 70 minutes, the practical is 90 minutes 

U10 to U17 – Advanced Foundation Course.  The online portion is approximately 2 hours, the practical is 3 hours. 

Practical sessions are run through out the season – the venue may sometimes be at other clubrooms.  Please let us know if you will be able to attend.


All managers must also register on the NZ cricket registry.  Managers and coaches are required to complete The Welfare of Children and Vulnerable Young Adults and also be police vetted.  At this stage these are also valid for three years.  Once you have registered the requirements you need to complete will become available. 

To register as a coach or manager the club please click the link below

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