2023/24 registrations are now open!!!!

Registration Fees

All prices include GST

Payment is made via Stripe to complete your registration.  Payment can either be Mastercard or Visa.

Friday Night Junior Cricket

Superstar Smashies (Ages 4 – 6)
$155.00 (Early Bird $139.50)
Kiwi Grade Smashies (Ages 7 – 8)
$175.00 (Early Bird $157.50)

Girls U11 Softball & Girls U11 & U13 Hardball

Girls U11 Girls Softball Smash (8 – 11 years)
$100.00 (Early Bird $90.00)
Girls U11 & U13 Girls T20 Smash (11 – 13 years)
$100.00 (Early Bird $90.00)

Junior Hard Ball U10 – U17

U13 Half season is an option for players who are going to a specific high school where they will be playing their cricket.
If you wish to continue to play for either the clubs school team or the club team it is best to sign up for the full season.
If you are unsure which option to register for or to double check please contact Charlotte on 021885993 to confirm what would be your best option.


Requests for players to play in a lower or higher grade

We are receiving requests for players to play in different age grades than showing on their registration form.  At Kumeu Cricket Club, our topmost priority is the safety of all our players. We diligently follow a strict duty of care, guided by the playing conditions set out by Auckland and New Zealand Cricket. These measures are in place to protect our young cricketers from possible injuries and safeguard their emotional and physical well-being. We believe that a positive sporting experience fosters a lifelong love for the game and helps prevent player burnout or disillusionment.

The age groups for each grade are calculated based on the players’ ages as of 1st April 2023. While we recognize that there might be exceptional cases where a player could thrive in a lower or higher grade, we want to be transparent about the fact that such decisions are not guaranteed for all players.

Please note: Moving up one grade is at the club’s discretion, while playing down or up two grades requires Auckland Cricket’s approval.

Please complete the application form below if you request for your player to play up or down a grade.

We are mindful that the process of determining grade placements can evoke strong emotions, especially when it affects the opportunity to play alongside friends. We want to acknowledge and empathize with the feelings that may arise during this decision-making period.

** Please note ACA dispensation requests are not open yet, we will forward your request once they have opened and respond accordingly to you once we have heard back from ACA – – please note this is a timely process**

Hard Ball U10 – U17 (Age 8 – 17)
$250.00 (Early Bird $225.00)
Hard Ball U13 Half Season (12 – 14 years)
$135.00 (Early Bird $121.50)

Please apply voucher code: BEADB3C1

Club Representative Cricket

U10 – U12 DK Morrison Cup & U13 – U15 Summer Series

If you wish for your child to play club representative cricket please click here.

Youth Cricket

Kumeu – College Composite Team (13 – 18 years)
$250.00 (Early Bird – $225.00)

Early Bird and Family Members

Early Bird
The 10% Early Bird discount is available for our players who register in the month of August.  The fees have been adjusted to reflect the Early Bird discounted price.  No voucher code required – except for U13 players only playing half a season.  Payment is required at checkout to complete the registration.  Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted.  The bank transfer option is unavailable.
Additional Family Members
The Additional Family Members receive a 10% discount and can be used in conjunction with the Early Bird discount in the month of August.  The 10% discount is applied to the lowest or equally priced fees.
Should any member wish to withdraw before the start of Term 4 the members fees will be refunded less a $35.00 Administration Fee. For any member withdrawal from the start of Term 4 until the first day of play for the season 50% of the subscription will be refunded. After the start of the season, no refund is available.
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