General Information

Enrolments and teams

All enrolments for the 2021-22 season are now open.

Superstars and Kiwi Grade

Enrolments will remain open throughout the season. Children are very welcome to join the club as the season progresses.  Teams for Kiwi Grade will be organised on the day.

All new Superstar and Kiwi Grade members to Kumeu Cricket Club we are offering free membership until Christmas.  No obligation to continue post Christmas.  Offer valid until 15th November 2021.  Terms and Conditions apply.

Under 10 – U17

Enrollments will remain open until 25th October. Teams will be advised as soon as possible. Players may enrol after the close off date depending on available team places. Please contact the club if you wish to enroll your child after the close off date.

Midweek T20 (U12 – U17) 

Enrollments will remain open throughout the season.  Players are very welcome to join the club as the season progresses.

Playing dates, days and times

Superstar and Kiwi Grade

Cricket is played on Friday evenings at the Huapai Domain.

Playing dates: Pre Christmas – Friday 5th November 2021 – Friday 17th December. Post Christmas – Friday 11th February 2022 – Friday 25th March 2022

Times: Superstar Cricket will begin at 5:30pm – 6:45pm and Kiwi Grade Cricket at 5pm – 6:45pm.

Under 10 – 17

Games are played home and away.  Kumeu Cricket Club’s home ground will either be Huapai Domain or Riverhead War Memorial.  On some occassions the home game may be at the oppositions grounds.  Games are generally played on a Saturday morning, however this may vary.  Once the draws are available we will advise your team manager or coach.

Playing dates: Pre Christmas – Saturday 6th November 2021 – Saturday 18th December. Post Christmas – Saturday 12th February 2022 – Saturday 26th March 2022

Times: Generally games will start at 9:30am and finish at 12:00pm.  Time may vary  and may on occassions be played on a Friday night.  Your manager or coach will advise of any changes.

T20 mid week

Played on a Wednesday at the Huapai Domain

Playing date: Pre Christmas – Wednesday 10th November 2021 – Wednesday 15 December 2021.  Post Christmas – Wednesday 16th February 2021 – Wednesday 23rd March 2021.

Times: 5:00pm – 7pm


There is no additional mid-week training for Superstars and Kiwi Grade

U10 to U17 training sessions are organised by the team parent coach at a time that suits.  Net sessions are required to be booked to avoid overlap and disappointment. To book your time slot please email the club.  Fielding practice does not require a booking.

Kumeu Cricket Club offical uniform

All players should wear the Kumeu Cricket Club official playing uniform.  Uniforms may be purchased from the Cricket Clubrooms prior to season starting and during by appointment. (Covid-19 restrictions dependant) Payment can either be bank transfer or Eftpos.

Superstars and Kiwi Grade are only required to wear the KCC polo shirt and KCC cap or KCC floppy. You may wear your own black shorts or black pants (or suitable dark coloured shorts or pants).  Please wear suitable closed toed footwear.  No barefeet or jandals or sandals are permitted. Due to health and safety regulations if a player arrives without suitable footwear they will be unable to participate.

U10 – U17 should wear the KCC polo shirt, KCC long pants and KCC cap or KCC floppy.  Suitable shoes should be worn that have good grip, no spikes unless you are playing on grass wickets. (Generally for the older age groups)


For Superstar and Kiwi Grade all cricket equipment is provided.  There is no need to invest in cricket gear.  Only standard plastic bats and balls provided from the club may be used for Health and Safety requirements.

For U10 to U17 the club will provide a team gear bag including helmets and all other required equipment.  It is ACA and club policy that all players wear ACA approved cricket helmet when batting and if they are wicketkeeping. It is suggested that they acquire their own helmet to ensure best fit.  Players are also required to wear a box while playing hardball while batting and wicketkeeping.   Players should aquire their own box and not share for hygenic reasons.  Players may invest in their own cricket gear if they wish to.

Volunteers (Coaching, Managing, Umpiring and Scoring)

Kumeu cricket club is always looking for additional support where possible. Parent and guardian support is a pivotal and vital requirement to help with the success of the club. For each team we are looking for a coach and an umpire.

If you would like to coach, manager, umpire or score please contact the club.

Match balls

Superstars and Kiwi Grade playing ball to be advised

U10 to U12 will be playing with a 142g Commander white ball.

U13 will be playing with a 142g Crown Pink ball

Kaipara / Kumeu to U17 will be playing with a 156g Crown Pink ball

Playing conditions






If it is necessary to cancel due to bad weather, Superstars and Kiwi Grade parents will be advised on our Kumeu Cricket Facebook page and Website on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm.

U10 to U17 cancellations will be advised by your team manager or coach on game day. Cancellations, once confirmed, will also announced on the Auckland Cricket website  and their Facebook page

Other information

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact Charlotte on 021885993 or email

Frequently asked questions

Can I be in my a team with my friends?
Kumeu Cricket Club management will do our utmost to accommodate team mate requests within the Age and Stage guidelines, usually with highly successful outcomes. However, we can offer no guarantees and appreciate your understanding that not all requests can be met.


Health and Safety:
Kumeu cricket practises a “common sense” health and safety approach and ask that parents and caregivers participate in the carrying out of this through supervision of their childern on the night and while at the club.


Refunds are available. All refunds will be processed less a $50.00 admin fee. Fees Gateway payment fees (management fee) 3.19% charged for payments made via Stripe for subs is also not refunded.

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