Kiwi Grade (School years 3 & 4) 

Subs $140 (Term 4 2021, & Term 1 2022)

Enrolments for Kiwi grade, are now open and will close on 30th September, 2021. Teams will be advised in mid October. However, players may enroll after the close off date depending on available team places. Please contact the club if you wish to enroll your child after the close off date.

Kiwi Grade cricket is suitable for children (boys & girls) in Years 3 & 4 at school. Teams in Kiwi Grades are selected to provide a mix of abilities and schools as much as possible. Kumeu will do our utmost to accommodate team mate requests within these guidelines, usually with highly successful outcomes. However, we can offer no guarantees and appreciate your understanding that not all requests can be met.

Teams (8-a-side) play on a Friday night. The limited-over games are approx. 1.5 hours long and rules are formatted so that all children get the opportunity to participate equally throughout the game. The children play with a junior size Incrediball (soft ball).

Weekly team practices will be run, ( Tuesday 4:30pm – 5:30m). These practices will be led by the Clubs director of cricket and assist by the team parent coach.

Venue, Dates and Times:

The 2021-22 playing season for Kiwi Grade is as follows:

Start date: Friday 29th October 2021.

Last playing day before Christmas: Friday 17th December 2021

Restart post-Christmas: Friday 11th February 2022

Final session for season: Friday 25th March 2022

Playing uniform – playing gear:

Children should wear the Kumeu Cricket Club polo shirt & KCC Cap which can be pre ordered at registration – please add to notes when registering if you require uniform – and these can collected from clubrooms plus black shorts/pants (or suitable dark-coloured shorts). Suitable footwear, such as sneakers, should be worn. NO BARE FEET IS ALLOWED.FEET.

Cricket Objectives

All cricket equipment is provided, so there is no need to invest in cricket gear until you are sure of your child’s commitment.

Health and Safety

Kumeu cricket practises a “common sense” health and safety approach and ask that parents and caregivers participate in the carrying out of this through supervision of their childern on the night and while at the club.


If necessary to cancel due to bad weather, parents will be advised on Kumeu cricket FACEBOOK page and website on the Friday afternoon at 3:30pm.

Kumeu Cricket Kiwi Cricket Rules 2021 – 2022

(For school years 3 & 4)

Start time is 5:30pm and the sessions generally finish around 7pm taking place in front of the Clubrooms at the Huapai Domain. The Club will operate a BBQ sausage sizzle during the evening and refreshments will be available as well.

  1. To ensure that junior cricket is fun and enjoyable for all.
  2. To encourage continued participation in the game of cricket by promoting it as a positive and rewarding experience.
  3. To promote skill development in all players.
  4. To allow maximum participation and enjoyment in all aspects of the game, by having a minimum of 6 players per team, using rotating field settings (in circular motion) and using the following recommended over rates:
    • Kiwi = 6 x 6 ball over’s

These rules are based on up to eight players in each team, in a six ball x 6 over’s per innings format.

Adjustments should be made on the day if numbers vary to ensure each player participates in all aspects of the game ensuring an even number of balls are bowled to both teams.

Bowlers are to bowl from one end with the players rotating positions.

Standard cricket rules apply, but with the following variations:

  1. Pitch is 14 metres long.
  2. The Junior Size soft ball (known as the Incrediball) is used.
  3. For game play, No wooden bats are to be used. Bats especially for softball will be provided by the club.
  4. Stumpings – Not allowed
  5. LBW – rule does not apply
  6. Fielders must not stand within 8 metres of batter (except wicket keeper)
  7. Three runs are added to the bowling team’s score for every wicket taken (whether bowled, caught or run out.)
  8. Bowling – over’s are 6 balls each for Kiwi, including wides not rebowled. There are no ‘no balls’. The following also applies:
    • Every player should bowl an over each.
    • Please encourage over arm bowling as much as possible.
  9. Wides: A wide should be called if the ball goes outside the return crease (either off or leg side) or if the ball is over shoulder height.
    • If no runs are scored, whether or not the ball is hit, one run is awarded to the batter for the wide.
  10. Batting: Each pair of batters remain ‘in’ for two over’s and then retire. If run out, the run on which the run out occurs is not counted, irrespective of whether or not the batters have crossed (remember to add 3 runs to the bowling teams score). Once dismissed the batsmen must change ends. The umpire is to ensure that each batsman in a partnership faces a similar number of deliveries.
  11. Runs – are counted in the normal way, including boundaries
  12. Runs from over-throws should amount to one additional run only per ball bowled (to avoid continuous over throws). If the overthrown ball crosses the boundary it is only counted as one overthrow.
  13. Should the ball not reach the batsman, the batsman has the right to walk out and hit the ball where it has stopped. The batsman can position himself in any direction to hit the ball. However, he/she has one swing of the bat only. Fielders must remain where they were when the ball was first bowled (except for safety reasons).
  14. Umpires must advance bowlers up the pitch if they cannot bowl the full length (a full length being the ball only bounces once before reaching the batter).
  15. Where any three balls in any one over are bowled wide, an extra delivery is added to the over, being a tee-shot at the end of the over, the tee placed in front of the batter at the batting crease. One swing of the bat only. It is not a free hit, you can be given out after hitting a tee-shot (i.e. caught or run out).
  16. Boundaries are to be at least a minimum of 14 metres from the pitch.
  17. Adjustments should be made on the day if numbers vary to ensure each player participates in all aspects of the game, ensuring an even number of balls are bowled to both teams (see Rule #7).
  18. If a team has seven players then the batsman with the LOWEST score is chosen to bat twice.
  19. Games should start promptly at 5.30pmm with a maximum 5 minute break between the innings. This will ensure that games are finished by 7:00pm.

By mutual agreement (i.e. Common sense and consensus) these rules can be further modified by the umpires to match the skill level of players and to avoid ‘over umpiring’. Encourage and reward good sportsmanship – teams should shake hands at the end of the game; applaud good individual play by the opposition.